About Stonemill Consulting

 Myra Endris, CEO of Stonemill Consulting

 Myra Endris, CEO of Stonemill Consulting

Let’s face it.  You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t worried about software quality.  Well, it might be something you are thinking about today, but it’s all we think about every day. 
At Stonemill Consulting, independent software testing is all we do.  And we are good at it. We hire top people with technical backgrounds and years of experience who love to test. So, whatever testing need you have, we can help. Whether it is help with test execution, or a complete Software Quality Assurance managed services approach.  

Stonemill Consulting launched in 2010.  From its inception, Stonemill has focused on one thing: Independent Software Testing. All these years, we are still at it and we are proud to say that our first client is still with us. 

Our team's background includes testing systems for NASA, the Department of Defense, the pharmaceutical industry, the health care industry, the aerospace industry, the financial services industry and many others.  We have worked for large national firms such as IBM, Ernst & Young and Booz Allen, state government agencies, and mid-sized local companies.

The secret to our success is proudly stated in our company values.

  • Be good stewards of our clients' resources. 
  • Treat their resources as our own.
  • Derive our success from our clients' success.
  • Engage in open, honest and respectful dialog with our clients.
  • Help clients see issues from many vantage points and help them work through a solution.
  • Hire bright, experienced professionals who are passionate about what they do.
  • Give our consultants challenging work that leverages their skills and abilities.
  • Do what is best for the client first. The rest will take care of itself.