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The benefits of automated testing are obvious and attractive, but many companies find the learning curve too steep and too distracting to implement automated testing on their own. Stonemill Consulting provides a range of options from team augmentation, team training, or outsourced testing services. We can help kick-start your auto test team, develop the initial auto tests, then turn them over to you for maintenance. Our flexibility and 100% focus on testing means we are the go-to partner for companies that want to improve the quality of their software and save internal resources.

Automated Software Testing Saves Time and Money

Most companies know that defects found in production cost 10 to 100 times more to fix than defects found in development.  As a result, many companies have instituted manual regression testing to find defects in unchanged code prior to release.  However, as the number of manual tests grows, so does the time required to run them all prior to a release.  Eventually, companies have to shortcut the manual regression testing by eliminating some of the tests in order to meet the release schedule. This increases the risk of defects making to production, while providing a false sense of security.

The answer is automated regression testing.  Using automation, you can reduce days of manual regression testing to hours.  Stonemill Consulting provides automated testing services.  But more importantly, we provide the expertise to ensure an effective automated testing implementation.  Let us help you set up an effective automated testing environment.

Automated Testing Reduces Velocity Drag


Fixing code becomes increasingly costly and burdensome after a product has been released. Developers end up spending too much time fixing bugs instead of developing new features. According to a new study, app developers spend between 10 and 25 percent of their time debugging application defects discovered in production, rather than developing new features. (ClusterHQ 2016)

This is called “velocity drag.”  Velocity drag is not only costly to the organization, but demoralizing for programmers. The solution is a robust automated regression test environment that allows frequent and thorough regression testing before each release to catch defects prior to release.

Only Automated Testing is Thorough and Exhaustive

Two big problem sources that are often missed with manual testing is regression testing and load testing. It is a well-known fact that code changes can cause defects in what was thought to be unrelated and unchanged code.  The only way to catch these defects is to regression test everything prior to every release. Companies start out manually regression testing the application, but as the application grows and changes this gets unwieldy consuming massive resources to fully regression test the entire application.  

The other problem source is load testing.  Most applications are developed using “low traffic” conditions.  Once the application is released and users begin to use it, the application infrastructure gets stressed by the increased volume and the application strains, or even crashes under the load.  The solution is to test the application at high user volume periodically and at major releases.  Having a suite of automated regression tests allows a company to designate a few of more complex tests for use in load testing.  Using the automated tests, we can simulate thousands of simultaneous users to allow you to analyze the application’s performance and find the upper limit of supportable user volume.

Automated Testing Ensures Customer Satisfaction

Finally, releasing continually buggy and broken software wears customers out. The best thing a development firm can do for its brand and long-term relationships is to have a strong testing process. Don’t choose between losing time on manual testing or losing face on buggy software. Stonemill Consulting is your partner for automated testing solutions.  Let us help you build an environment where defects are found and fixed in development and not found by your customers.

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