Regression testing seeks to ensure that bug fixes and new features do not break previously released software. The value of regression testing is catching bugs before you release new software. The REAL value is to automate your regression testing to reduce the time it takes to run.

We focus on testing,
so you can focus on development.

Stonemill Consulting is your partner for regression testing and automated regression testing. We are designed to serve development teams of all kinds, and in all stages of growth. With Stonemill Consulting, you can maintain quality through development without ballooning your overhead:

  • We are here when you need us
  • Short-burst testing and long-term support
  • Dedicated testing team means consistent experience through cycles

Testing is a distraction to internal developers and no one can really “proof” their own work, even the best writers have editors. Because of this, testing either doesn't get done right, or developers become discouraged and burdened with it. Software testing is its own world of expertise, and that is why we make it our focus.  

Our testing is done by developers who understand “the language.” We contribute to the deductive process with thorough documentation so bugs are fixed the first time, not by trial and error.