Stonemill Consulting has partnered with SmartBear to bring automated testing into your SQA process and into your Dev Ops environment. Our consultants can help you leverage the power of automated testing to improve software quality and reduce development times. Whether you need automated regression testing to reduce testing cycles, or need to integrate automated testing into your Dev Ops ecosystem for Continuous Integration, Stonemill and SmartBear TestComplete are the right combination. Stonemill Consulting can also provide support and training for other entries in the SmartBear product line, including:

  • TestComplete

  • HipTest

  • TestLeft

  • LoadNinja (formerly LoadComplete)

  • All other SmartBear services

  • SoapUI Pro

  • LoadUI Pro

  • Zephyr for Jira

  • ReadyAPI

  • Cross Browser Testing


Supporting more than six million software professionals and over 22,000 companies in 194 countries, SmartBear is the leader in software quality tools for teams. The company’s products help deliver the highest quality and best performing software possible while helping teams ship code at nearly impossible velocities. With products for API testing, UI testing, code review and performance monitoring across mobile, web and desktop applications, SmartBear TestComplete equips every development, testing and operations team member with the tools to ensure quality at every stage of the software cycle. For more information on SmartBear or SmartBear TestComplete, visit:

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We created this whitepaper on automated testing to answer the most frequent questions on how it works, what the benefits are, and best practices. 

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