Case Study: Flexible Staffing

A world-wide moving company contacted Stonemill Consulting to perform functional and regression testing for their web-based application that is used by their independent agents to sell, schedule and plan overland hauls.

The client had no testing resources and was reluctant to hire a full-time resource as there wasn’t enough work to support a full-time employee.  The client was also reluctant to assign a programmer or business user to the task of testing the software to avoid delaying other important projects.  

The company’s reputation is solidly associated with quality, service and customer focus.

The primary challenge was to provide an experienced resource that could satisfy the constantly changing demands for the testing effort.  The client was unwilling to accept a resource from a “resource pool” as knowledge of the application and the client’s business model was critical.

Stonemill provided a testing resource with past programming experience who quickly learned both the client’s business model and the software application.  Leveraging its flexible staffing model, Stonemill was able to provide the same resource and flex his/her availability to meet the constantly changing needs of the client.

By providing a consistent resource each week, Stonemill was able to develop a deep understanding of the client’s systems, and was able to develop a deep relationship with the development team.  

Using Stonemill’s flexible staffing model, the client was able to meet its testing needs at a cost-effective alternative without sacrificing quality or productivity.