Case Study: Launching a Legacy

A client was replacing its monolithic operations management system with three integrated “best of breed” systems to better serve their customer base. With a 100-year history of providing quality services to its customers, they needed a smooth deployment to avoid any customer impacts related to the conversion.

Stonemill was brought in to perform system integration testing with just three months left until system launch and took the following actions:

  • Brought in the tools, process and people to manage the SQA function for the client.

  • Developed an Integration Test Strategy outlining its approach to conducting the test.

  • Examined over 1,700 individual requirements to develop an Integration Test Plan

  • Cataloged all requirements and test cases in a Test Management System to develop Requirements Coverage and requirements traceability reports.

  • Wrote over 300 test cases for User Acceptance and Integration Testing.

  • Developed a data conversion validation plan to monitor results

  • Coordinated User Acceptance testing

As a result, structure and efficiency was immediate brought to the testing and data conversion processes in order to bring the client forward to a successful launch on time.