Case Study: Switching From Manual to Automatic

A client had a custom-built solution that evolved over time into a powerful and complex software application that gave them a tremendous competitive edge. The client had also developed a robust set of manual regression tests to ensure changes to the system did not adversely impact production operations. As the size and complexity of the system grew, so did the number of regression tests resulting in several hundred labor-hours to manually regression test the system.

Stonemill took the following actions:

  • Evaluated the current regression test scripts, underlying development technology, and automated tools used.

  • Determined the automation tool best suited for the client’s environment.  

  • Created an initial set of automated scripts to verify compatibility between the proposed automated tool and the client’s system.

  • Created a framework for developing additional automated test scripts

  • Converted the manual regression test scripts to automated scripts and trained the client to take over.

As a result, the client significantly reduced time spent on manual regression testing. The initial set of automated scripts for the first application reduced 60 hours of manual testing to just a couple of hours of automated testing. Similar gains were achieved from subsequent automated testing.