Case Study: Mission Impossible

An insurance client had a large and highly-modified commercial software package that managed its various insurance products and policies. Due to the large number of customizations it was difficult to fully regression test system changes prior to release by the vendor, causing delays in their system upgrades.

Stonemill took the following actions:

  • Evaluated the existing regression test scripts, the underlying development technology, and the test data combination requirements.  

  • Developed an automated test framework based on Selenium that integrated into the client’s existing Visual Studio environment.  

  • Developed an initial set of automated tests that used data-driven test concepts to regression test all possible combinations of data values for certain insurance products.

  • Worked with the client’s newly hired automated testers to transfer responsibility for the developing the automated regression tests for the remaining insurance products.

As a result the client was able to significantly reduce the time spent on regression testing at a high-quality level, giving them more confidence and time to test new releases and accept system upgrades.