Case Study: Automated Testing Tune-Up

A global automotive parts client had an online presence in dozens of countries, with brand-specific web sites totaling over 6,000 pages. Its traditional waterfall methodology was proving inadequate to keep up with the rapid changes needed to maintain this online presence.  Switching to an agile methodology was required, but their traditional manual regression testing was taking too long. An automated testing approach was the necessary solution.

Stonemill took the following actions:

  • Installed and configured the SmartBear Tool Suite in the client’s environment.

  • Developed a data-driven test automation framework that integrated into the client’s existing dev ops ecosystem.

  • Developed a set of automated tests to perform a complete regression test of all websites.

  • Integrated the tests into the QA Complete test management tool for automated execution

  • Configured QA Complete to provide a centralized dashboard for all regression testing.

Working closely with SmartBear and the client, Stonemill developed 56 automated test scripts in just 60 days to fully regression test all web sites and APIs on a nightly basis.